Together you can take bigger steps than alone.

As an entrepreneur, it can sometimes be quite stressful. An overflowing schedule leads to a lack of time. Your to-do list only seems to get longer, preventing you from making the desired progress.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help! As your right-hand woman, I stand virtually by your side to assist, brainstorm and promote the growth and success of your business.

Need help? Let me know which tasks have been pending for a while and where you could use some assistance.

Our services.

Organizational tasks


  • Mapping, simplifying, and automating daily tasks where possible.

  • Optimizing the existing workflow.

  • Reorganizing, structuring, optimizing systems, and processing data.

  • Setting up a ready-to-use onboarding process for new employees.

  • Creating and planning activities and events.

Creative tasks


  • Generating ideas.

  • Setting up and managing social media channels such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, or TikTok.

  • Contributing to marketing and branding strategies.

  • Creating content plans for social media channels.

  • Creating visuals for social media (e.g., in Canva).

  • Managing influencer campaigns.

  • Creating podcast content and reaching out to guest speakers.

  • Inventing website content and designing a sample.

  • Writing texts for social media, the website, blogs, articles, interviews, newsletters, products, etc.

  • Creating presentations, including layout design.

  • Designing logos, flyers, business cards, company attire, and other creative processes.

Back office tasks


  • Email and/or WhatsApp communication.

  • Agenda management.

  • Transcribing notes.

  • Arranging company supplies.

  • Organizing customer attention, such as birthday gifts, Christmas packages, etc.

  • Booking locations.



Online introductory conversation

For an optimal collaboration, it's important to see if there's a
mutual connection, that's why I like to start with an online introductory conversation.


Identifying challenges and goals

When there is a positive connection, we dive deeper into the challenges you're facing and your specific desires.


Defining the framework of our partnership

In the consultation with you, we define the collaboration format that best fits your wishes and goals.
To ensure working together smoothly, we use a task sheet where you can list the tasks you'd like to delegate. Clear and transparent communication is crucial, so both parties know what to expect.


Sharing tools and information

For an efficient collaboration, I'll need certain assets and data so that we can work collaboratively from folders and systems.

Regular contact and staying up-to-date

We will communicate frequently via platforms like Slack and Google Meet. This way, I will stay well-informed about the progress and changes in your business. We will also schedule short weekly meetings to discuss tasks.

Quarterly evaluation

To discuss the progress of our collaboration and make any necessary adjustments, we'll schedule an evaluation every 3 months.
While I primarily work online, I believe in the importance of personal contact. In a long-term collaboration, where possible, we can meet occasionally to discuss matters.

Discover the
benefits it offers you.

Your new idea can finally come to life.

No more distracting thoughts such as "Oh, I still need to do my social media" or "I need to come up with an idea on Canva."

The postponed blogs will finally be published.

The event you've been wanting to organize for a long time will now become a reality.

The e-book you've always wanted to create will actually be completed.

Your customers will be helped faster and more efficiently.

You'll have more time for yourself again.

Do you want to make bigger steps within your business…

and could you use some assistance? Don’t hesitate any longer and get in touch for an introductory chat.