What others say about Elevate.

We at Habfit, a vitality platform, have been working with Anna-ie for years to our complete satisfaction. In which she has developed herself considerably in recent times and helps us enormously as a Virtual Assistant and as a Marketer.

The well-thought-out way of working and stimulating questions also helps us achieve our goal of supporting as many people as possible in their mental and physical health.

M. van der Geest

We have been working with Anna Ie for more than six months now and we are very happy with that, she is a real asset to our organization. She works quickly and very structured, delivers what was agreed and is clear in her communication. Our social media has finally received the boost we have been looking for for a long time. Because it is nice to work together, Anna-Ie really feels like part of team Physicum.
S. van Bakkum

Anna-ie is simply the best! She has exceeded our expectations on all fronts. She tackles tasks effortlessly, always seems to anticipate our needs and has the ability to quickly take on new challenges. Her communication is clear and responsive, and she really feels like a valuable team member despite working remotely.

Satin beauty Collection

I have been working with Anna-ie for a long time and I really enjoy working with her!
Anna-ie is absolutely indispensable to my company. If you are looking for a creative virtual assistant who can do it all, she is hands down the best choice. Within Satin Beauty Collection, Anna-ie fulfills various roles, ranging from managing influencer campaigns to writing texts, maintaining social media and providing product training. She has also offered me support with other brands and business ideas.

Thank you for all your efforts Anna-ie!


Anna-ie helped us streamline the social media of our company bikeAholic. She taught us various tips and tricks to increase our reach and create a representative feed. She has also created a content calendar that we can now fill in ourselves. This means we don’t have to pay as much attention to this on a daily basis. Very satisfied and good communication!

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